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This section is dedicated to the side series I’ve decided to call True Terror. If that doesn’t strike you as the best name, then sorry. It was the best I could do and once I settled on it the name kinda just stuck. It at least gets the message across.

This series follows Ashton Kane, an ODST Corporal. Crossovers are going to be a big part of the Classic Halo Universe, but there were some crossovers that I thought might not fit with Nerves of Steele. When it comes to crossovers, I tend to want that balance between action and horror, or at the very least, I want to feel at least partially confident that I can do a decent job at writing the crossover. Stuff like Aliens, Dead Space, The Thing, all of those can go well with Halo. But I have a few ideas that I’m not too sure about. Ideas I want to do, but they’re a little riskier. And they tend to be much more horror than action focused.

And so I decided to dream up Corporal Kane. Basically, this will cover crossovers with games that I think are harder to write about. By which I mean they are harder for me to write about, because of how I normally write, not because of the quality of the game. So this series is going to be darker and grimmer, and Kane will definitely meet up with Alex Steele more than once.

A small team of battle-hardened Orbital Drop Shock Troopers are given a strangely simple assignment in an isolated region of space. As they settle into orbit over a small colony world named Darkholm, Corporal Ashton Kane feels his suspicions growing.

The seemingly simple assignment complicates when scans show a strange interference of unknown origin blanketing the region they're supposed to investigate. Things only get worse as he gets separated from his squad after dropping in from orbit.

The night is dark, the rain is heavy, and something of unknown and unknowable evil stalks the forest around him as he hunts for his lost squad. Something far more powerful and deadly than he has ever faced before...

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