This page is dedicated to cataloging all of my stand-alone fan fictions. Although I typically enjoy writing long-running stories, or at least projects with several sequels, sometimes I have an idea that stands by itself. Although not everything that ends up here will stay here forever. I might end up getting an idea for a sequel or two.

Unless otherwise stated, titles have been completed.

See You at the Bottom.png

Growing up, T. J. Detweiler always had grandiose visions for himself, his career, his life. Only, as the years went by and time edged inevitably forward, his visions shrank as he became more aware of what was likely and what was ridiculous. What were the delusions of a child and the goals of an adult.

Imagine his dismay, perhaps even his terror, when he wakes up one day and realizes that he's given everything up. His hopes, his dreams, his aspirations: he's traded them all in to walk the path of responsibility and mediocrity. At twenty four, he's an office drone living in a two bedroom apartment with, of all people, Guru Kid, now known only as a buttoned-down drone named James, in another city, far from his friends, his family, and his old life.

A desperate if cryptic email from Spinelli triggers a deep fracture in his soul. In a moment of existential desperation, TJ temporarily abandons his life, hops on a plane, and heads back to his old stomping grounds. Intent on finding Spinelli and helping her from whatever problem she now finds herself in, he instead finds himself being lead through a long, dark, rainy night by Randall, who seems thrilled at the prospect of showing TJ what became of all their varied classmates...

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