This page is dedicated to keeping you informed on where my projects stand.

  • The DOOM Chronicles. [WattPad | FFN] This story is a lengthy adaptation of the DOOM series. Currently on hiatus until 2020.

  • And There Was Another. [WattPad | FFN] This one is an Obsidian Classic and a Knights of the Old Republic fan fiction. In progress.

  • The Will To Live. [WattPad | FFN] A survival/action-horror story set in Halo inspired by The Long Dark. Takes place in my Classic Halo Universe, (which is still in its infancy but will be growing soon, as I have begun laying the foundation this year). I’ll be writing this over the course of 2019, and intend to have it finished sometime this year.

  • Nerves of Steele. The beginning of my largest, most ambitious fan fiction project ever written. A Halo epic. Takes place in the same universe as The Will To Live and the True Terror series (Gathering Darkness & Containment Breach.) I intend to begin this after wrapping up And There Was Another, Bishop’s War, and Part One of The Will To Live. I intend to finish Book One this year, which will cover the protagonist’s experience during Halo: Combat Evolved.

  • Containment Breach. Sequel to Gathering Darkness. I will get to this one probably during the second half of the year. It’s technically lowest priority behind The Will To Live & Nerves of Steele.