Welcome to my own personal version of the HALF-LIFE universe. I have to say, this one is really more of a passion project than most fan fiction, because the HALF-LIFE series is dead and it seems like almost no one cares about it anymore. Despite that, I’ve loved this series since I got my hands on the very first game in 2004, and the ideas that game, and its sequels, have generated never left my skull. Consequently, I’ve decided to get them written so that I can, in my own way, lay this series that will never be finished to rest.

These stories follow my own original character, Eric Bishop, who is a disillusioned ex-Marine serving as a security guard at Black Mesa when the shit goes down and the interdimensional alien horrors begin their slaughter. It follows him through the series of games and beyond them. I hope you enjoy!

Unless otherwise stated, titles have been completed.

Eric Bishop's life has stalled in a way he never quite expected. At twenty seven years old, he thought that he would be more than thrilled to run security for a top-secret government research installation out in the middle of nowhere.

He's spent just over two years at the Black Mesa Research Facility. He's good at his job, he has some friends, a fat bank account, and job security. What more could he ask for?

The problem is, nothing ever really happens, and his life doesn't seem to actually be going anywhere.

And then everything changes when the scientists working at the installation rip open a portal to another dimension, and unthinkable horrors from beyond time and space pour out...

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