The Near Horizon: April 2019

Well, I had some setbacks in March. I don’t want to get too much into it, but basically it was one of those ‘when it rains it goddamned pours’ situations, and several totally independent bad things happened very close together. I’m still dealing with some of them to varying degrees, but it’s more manageable now, and ideally will be wrapped up soonish.

So where does that leave me with stories?

Well, first off, I did manage to finish HALF-LIFE: Bishop’s War last month! It’s done! It turned out…about as well as I could have hoped for, I guess. Some part of me wishes I could do even more with the original Half-Life universe (i.e. HL1, Opposing Force, Blue Shift), but a bigger part of me is saying no, just leave it, just move on. So now that it’s done, that series is going to sleep for right now. I think, ideally, I’d like to resurrect it this year and get started on Bishop’s Lament, but several things would have to happen first. I mean, I’d definitely have to finish And There Was Another, The Will To Live, and Containment Breach before I’d consider that, and I’m not even sure I’ll manage to do all these things in 2019. So for now, consider my Half-Life stories asleep.

Now, And There Was Another. I managed to get a single chapter up, then the shit hit the fan, so I had to put it back to sleep. But the good news is that I plan on making this my main focus. As soon as I finish Part One of The Will To Live, which is close, I’ll be going all in and wrapping up And There Was Another as fast as I can. We’ve got two more planets to get through.

So, with The Will To Live. Part One is extremely close to being finished. Just a few more chapters. Once Part One is wrapped up, it’s going on hiatus. And after I finish up And There Was Another, which I might be able to do this month (fingers crossed), then I will promptly get to work on Nerves of Steele. To be honest, I want to clear the table for this. I want to be able to set aside like one whole day where I do nothing but begin production of this story, and then also have nothing on my mind fan fiction-wise while I get this off the ground.

Ideally, this is what the rest of 2019 will look like from where I’m standing right now:

  • Finish up The Will To Live Part One.

  • Finish up And There Was Another.

  • Thoroughly plan the first book of Nerves of Steele, and write the first several chapters.

  • Recommence The Will To Live and write Parts Two & Three while continuing to write Nerves of Steele, then put it back on hold once Part Three is finished.

  • Plan, write, and finish True Terror 2: Containment Breach while continuing to write Nerves of Steele.

  • Recommence and finish The Will To Live, and finish Nerves of Steele - Book One.

I have no idea how long that’s going to take, and I have my doubts I’ll even be able to get it all done. Then again, I managed to do The Shadow Wars, so maybe I can do this. 2018 was pretty rough and definitely slowed me down a lot and I’m still recovering from it. And time seems to just be slipping away from me. Like, damn, three months ago I had twelve whole months, and now all of a sudden I’ve only got nine. Pretty soon it’ll just be six.

However, if I somehow managed to get everything but Nerves of Steele wrapped up and there’s still an appreciable amount of time left, there’s a good chance I’ll begin writing Bishop’s Lament. Although man, looking at how poorly the transition from 2018 to 2019 went, maybe I should take any extra time I get to get to work on The DOOM Chronicles and pre-load several chapters so that once 01.01.2020 hits, I’ll be ready to go! I gotta admit, I am missing writing about DOOM, especially knowing that DOOM II is up next, and I’m really looking forward to that one. I had so much fun with the last time I tried to novelize that game.

And that’s not even considering the other stuff I want to write! I still really want to get started on writing a dark action-horror series for StarFox 64, and I still kind of want to novelize Unreal II, and my Rock Raiders adaptation, all the Obsidian Classics I want to write, and the fact that I kind of want to revisit and fully flesh out The Thing and State of Decay. Man, I actually have a LOT of ideas for an EPIC State of Decay shared world, but that would take YEARS!

Well, whatever the case, if you’re still reading, then thanks! If you’re leaving reviews or comments, then extra double thanks! I’ll try to keep it up.

Oh yeah, one more thing. I finally posted a few more Game Talks. I’m going to try and get some more of those out, in case anyone cares.