The Near Horizon: February 2019

January went better than I thought it would, worse than I’d hoped it would.

I had hoped to get more done with Bishop’s War, but obviously I didn’t. I was kind of hitting a wall and realized that now was a great time for a break with Part Two coming to a close. So I wrapped it up and put it on hiatus so that I could focus on And There Was Another. I’m going to resume production of Bishop’s War soon and I’m going to TRY to finish it this month. I severely doubt I’ll be able to, as there’s still a decent amount left to go, but that’s my goal. Unless something goes really wrong, I should have it done by March for sure.

Now, as for And There Was Another. I picked this one back up and finally made some actual progress, though not as much as I’d have liked. There is just one more chapter to go before Hoth comes to a close. Once that’s written, I’m going to put this back on a short hiatus, both to focus on Bishop’s War and to give myself a little bit of time and space to come up with a plan for the fourth planet. Once Bishop’s War is finished, I’ll resume production of And There Was Another.

The Will To Live. I thought I made okay progress on it. Seven chapters is pretty okay for a month, especially with two other fan fictions going on. I’m hoping to ramp up production throughout February. My current goal is to get Bishop’s War wrapped up, get to the home stretch of And There Was Another, and get Part One of The Will To Live complete before launching my main project this year: Nerves of Steele. I’d say we’re about a third of the way through Part One of The Will To Live, so obviously I have a lot of work to do.

That’s about all I got, really. I have to say, I’m genuinely excited to begin work on Nerves of Steele. I’ve got a lot of ideas and I’m eager to see how people will react to it. Mainly, I’m just happy to be able to write some Halo: Combat Evolved fan fiction. It’s been FOREVER since I’ve done that.