The Near Horizon: January 2019

Well, December didn’t go as I’d hoped it would.

It wasn’t terrible, more it was just busy. Really busy. Stuff kept coming up. That sentence seems to describe 2018. I hope less stuff comes up this year. Or I get better at managing it.

Unfortunately, my plans got derailed big-time last month. Right now, I kind of feel like shit, because it was a long and stressful night last night, so I won’t linger.

I really did intend to get a lot more written for Bishop’s War, but about a week into December, I hit a hard wall in terms of writing and realized that I needed at least a small break from it, because the quality of writing was definitely going to slip if I kept pushing. That’s why it got derailed. I’m going to pick this back up now, although not at the same pace it was originally going for because now the Year of Halo has commenced. Once I get done with this story, I’m going to put the series as a whole on hold for a little while before pressing on with Bishop’s Lament and the Half-Life 2 era.

Basically the same thing happened with And There Was Another, although this was largely more due to my being busy than uninspired. Going to try and keep this one going too, although it will have the lowest priority on the fan fiction totem pole. Once I get done with it, I actually do have ideas for at least two sequels, but I’ll likely put it in stasis as well.

Now the big one: my Halo survival-horror snowbound story. Originally I was going to call it Into the Gray, but that title just didn’t sit well with me so instead I went with The Will To Live. It seems a bit more fitting. I’m going to begin writing it this month. I’m going to try and keep a schedule for this one but we’ll see how the month goes. Juggling three fan fictions and other stuff isn’t easy.

That’s all I’ve got for now. I hope you have a good 2019.