The Near Horizon: April 2018

So, March was practically a bust.

Sorry about that.

On the personal front, well...let's just say that March was a bad month, and it's not necessarily looking better for April. My personal situation is as yet resolved, and the longer it stays unresolved, the worse it gets. Although it's still a ways off from being actually terrible, a whole month is a little bit like the Doomsday Clock moving one minute closer to midnight.

As a consequence of this situation, combined with my own current emotional instability, (I believe I mentioned earlier that I stepped down off my meds in February to see how I operated, and apparently I'm learning exactly how useful they were), I'm going to be unable to realistically commit to any kind of release schedule.

So, as for what I managed to do in March, and what's happening for April.

The Shadow Wars have finally finished posting to my WattPad profile. You can read all fifteen novels, three novellas, and nine short stories right HERE.

I also resumed posting my mystery-horror novella UNKNOWN. It's the only thing that's being worked on for now over on my S. A. Lusher WattPad profile. You can read it HERE. I'll try to update it whenever I can.

Over on my Obsidian Productions profile, I've finally restarted my long-dormant fan fiction The DOOM Chronicles. You can start reading Episode Two: The Shores of Hell on WATTPAD & FANFICTION.NET.

My main focus right now is finishing up my Post-Apocalyptic Survival/Horror novel. I'm about 2/3 of the way done with the final edit before shipping it off. Once that's done, I'll hopefully be able to focus a bit more on those two titles and update somewhat more regularly.

Sorry about this short and unhappy update, I've just been feeling like fucking garbage for most of the year so far and it honestly isn't looking like my situation is going to improve anytime soon. I'm going to try getting back on the meds and see if that helps, but honestly real life has me pretty stressed.