Welcome to the Site

Hello, and welcome to my website.

I'm honestly not sure what constitutes a good first post. I've already got an entryway page, and also a page detailing who I am.

So, I guess I'll try to keep this short.

I'm a writer. I write original works and fan fictions. I tend towards action and horror stories, usually in a futuristic setting, though typically my stories are fairly down-to-earth, as I prefer the freedom of more futuristic settings without dabbling in high concept that a lot of Science Fiction and Science Fantasy does. Think Halo and Gears of War type universes.

I created this site to serve as both a central hub for my work and a way to keep up to date on my various projects, since I tend to have too many things going on at the same time, and different people care about different things.

I find myself at an impasse in terms of updating and blogging. On the one hand, I think that I suck at social media and blogging, and I'd typically rather be writing, and who cares what I have to say? On the other hand, I do like talking about things sometimes, and it also really bothers and depresses me when I come across an author, even one I don't know all that well, or other content creators, who obviously hasn't updated in a long time.

So I'm going to try and keep up at least a semi-decent stream of content beyond the actual writing. I'll be posting a Game Talk once a week, where basically I'll be talking about a video game. Go figure. I'll also try to find time to write about other random things: writing advice, cool movies or books, random stories about my life, and whatever else comes to mind.

Hopefully someone out there likes it!

Whatever your reason for coming here, I hope you come back and, most importantly, I hope you like my content.

As far as anything resembling a schedule goes, I'll try to be posting Game Talks on Mondays, and I'll post an update regarding my varied projects on the 1st of each month called The Near Horizon. I also have a page dedicated to this exact thing called On the Horizon, in case you don't feel like waiting for the first of each month. Although honestly updates don't really occur at a fast pace. Writing is a game of patience, for you and for me.

I hope you have fun and thanks for any and all support!