The Near Horizon: March 2018

At present, I'm still trying to get my shit together, as it were. I'm recovering from winter and all the misery that tends to bring, I'm readjusting after deciding to stop my psych meds, (checked with my doc beforehand, so no worries there, and they were pretty mild, anyway), mainly because I want to see how I do off of them since they don't seem to be actively helping that much anymore, and also dealing with the wide and varied problems of life in general. There seem to be more of those, just lately.

I'll have periods of forward progress, then I'll have setbacks. In the meantime, I'm trying to get as much work done as I can. Below is a list of all my current projects and where they stand.

Now, normally The Near Horizon will deal with what's happening during the upcoming month, but this one will cover a broader period of time.


  • I have just finished re-launching The Shadow Wars on Amazon in both eBook and paperback formats. It will soon be posted completely to WattPad. You can get them here.
  • The next thing I intend to do is to finish Unknown, a mystery-horror novella I began writing back in 2011, then cleaned up and posted to WattPad last year, then shelved after having to refocus my efforts.
  • After some deliberation, I've decided to focus on something different related to The Shadow Wars instead of the sequel series. This year, I want to get a few ideas that I've had and talked about and even started. Namely Dawn's War, a military mystery novella featuring a lone soldier trapped behind enemy lines, and It's Dark Here, a collection of stories following a mysterious artifact and those who attempt to exploit it. Sorry if it's frustrating that I'm shifting focus to these projects, it's just that I've had these ideas for literal years at this point, and I kept putting them off, and I want to get them written and out there before moving on to the next massive thing that's going to take years.
  • I am tentatively tossing around an idea for a long-running WattPad exclusive side series to The Shadow Wars featuring new protagonists.
  • Consequently, I am also planning a Sci-Fi Survival/Horror trilogy set in the Shadow Wars universe that will be an Amazon Kindle exclusive. More on the why of that when I get closer to the publishing stages.


  • My main focus right now is The DOOM Chronicles. I fully intend to begin and finish Episodes Two & Three this year at the very least, and probably begin Episode Four, which will be even more massive than Episode One. I am in the planning stages for this at present.
  • I think I'm going to take another stab at Unreal II again sometime in the near future once I make some decent progress in Episode Two.


  • Right now my focus is Red Faction: Hunter's War. Given my lack of time, this is even more on the back burner than Obsidian Productions.


  • At present, I am in the editing stages of a Post-Apocalyptic Survival/Horror novel I intend to get traditionally published under a new pseudonym. I won't have any news on this realistically until I determine whether or not the publishing house I'm going to submit to even wants it.
  • I have just recently conceived of a top secret writing project that I'm really excited for. Right now, it's still in the pre-production stage. I'm not going to say anything about it beyond the fact that it has familiar elements of my past storytelling.

And that's all I have to say for now. There's more cooking, and if you're really interested, just click on the On the Horizon link along the top to get a more detailed and far-reaching look into the future, but these are the ideas that have the most immediate relevance. I'm slowly picking up steam as we head lethargically towards Spring, and I hope to get a lot more work done and wrap up some of these projects so they stop buzzing around my skull and I can clear up some space for the bigger titles.