The Near Horizon: December 2018

So I actually have a little bit of news!

After thinking about it and talking with some people who were, for some reason, deeply interested in the subject, I finally decided that I admittedly don’t have a very compelling reason to take down my S. A. Lusher WattPad profile. While on the other hand, I do actually have at least one compelling reason to keep it up. Namely, people are still reading my work. Some have been at it for quite awhile, judging by the dates on the Votes, and I’d feel like an asshole if I just ripped everything down in the middle of that.

So, it’s not coming down. It is still going to sleep though. As I said, I still do wish to start working on my other pen name and ideas.

And that, admittedly, is all I have to say about my original works.

The rest is all fan fiction news.

So, let’s talk about my goals this month before moving onto the big news.

Originally, I intended to finish up Bishop’s War by the end of 2018. And then I looked at how many chapters I have planned, and how many Mondays & Thursdays there are left in the year, and saw that that wouldn’t work. My only realistic option was to put out even more chapters, but to be honest, I’m having a hard time actually keeping this two a week schedule, let alone something else. So it should be wrapped up in January. And we just got to the end of Part One in that story. Part Two is going to be exciting.

And There Was Another. Sorry I put this to sleep. I needed time to focus on Bishop’s War and to generate some ideas. Well, it’s happened. The ideas were generated, I’ve got a solid idea for the team’s time spent on Hoth. I don’t think that each of the rest of the parts are going to be as long as the previous two, but I can’t be sure, honestly. We’ll have to see how it goes. I will begin writing this again very soon, then I’ll probably take another (briefer) hiatus to generate ideas for the fourth world.

Also, minor side note: I’ve decided to just go ahead and say that The DOOM Chronicles is on hiatus until 2020.

Now, let’s get to the big enchilada.


You all know (I hope) my love for Halo. It’s one of my favorite games, one of my favorite series. I’ve been dying to write Halo fan fiction for years now. And so I finally realized that that’s never going to happen unless I very intentionally set some time aside for it.

So, you know what I decided?

2019 will be the Year of Halo.

I have three Halo fan fictions I intend to write.

The first is called Into the Gray. It’s a survival type story with horror-action elements, heavily inspired by the film The Gray, and the game The Long Dark. Basically, cross over The Long Dark with Halo and throw in the Flood. I’m going to start it in January because that seems very appropriate. This one will be more experimental and long-winded, so I don’t know if I’ll actually finish it during 2019.

The next one I want to write is, finally, Nerves of Steele. I’ve hinted at this one for about two or three years now. It will be the launch title for my biggest, most ambitious series of fan fictions in my entire life. I will also not at all be finishing this one during 2019, however, I will be finishing the first book in it at least, possibly the first two. I’ll explain the structure when we get closer to it, but it’s kind of like The DOOM Chronicles with its episodes.

The third I want to write is the sequel to Gathering Darkness. Given how big the other ones are going to be, I’m not sure if I’ll be able to find time for it, but I intend to try. It’s going to be called Containment Breach. You can probably guess what it’s a (semi) crossover with.

And that’s it. Wish me luck.