This is basically a quick guide to all of my available content. Basically just links and simple descriptions. This is just meant for simple reference.


Dead Ice [eBook | Paperback | WattPad]
Dead Skies [eBook | Paperback | WattPad]
Dead Rain [eBook | Paperback | WattPad]
Necropolis - Survival: A prequel trilogy to Necropolis. [eBook | Paperback]
Book #1: Necropolis [eBook | Paperback | WattPad]
Book #2: Necropolis - Endurance [eBook | Paperback | WattPad]
Nerves of Steel: A side story set during Necropolis 2. [eBook | WattPad]
Book #3: Necropolis 3 - Annihilation [eBook | Paperback | WattPad]
Book #4: Absolute Zero [eBook | Paperback | WattPad]
Blood & Tears: A backstory on a side character from Absolute Zero. [eBook | WattPad}
Book #5: Ceaseless [eBook | Paperback | WattPad]
Book #6: Syberian Sunrise [eBook | Paperback | WattPad]
Book #7: Snowblind [eBook | Paperback | WattPad]
Book #8: Quarantine [eBook | Paperback | WattPad]
Book #9: Rogue Ops Rising [eBook | Paperback | WattPad]
Book #10: Countdown [eBook | Paperback | WattPad]
Warm Memories: A side story set during Countdown. {eBook | WattPad}
Laid To Rest: A side story set during Countdown. [eBook | WattPad]
Book #11: Necropolis 4 - Terminal [eBook | Paperback | WattPad]
Small Acts of Kindness: A side story set after Necropolis 4. [eBook | WattPad]
EB-303: A side story set after Necropolis 4. [eBook | WattPad]
Book #12: Starck's Lament [eBook | Paperback | WattPad]
Alone?: A side story set after Starck's Lament. [eBook | WattPad]
Book #13: Deathless [eBook | Paperback | WattPad]
Book #14: Into the Void [eBook | Paperback | WattPad]
Outpost 88: A side story set during Into the Void. [eBook | WattPad]
Lethal Cargo: A side story set during Into the Void. [eBook | WattPad]
Book #15: Saturate [eBook | Paperback | WattPad]


Project Syn: A sci-fi/horror novella. [WattPad]
Final Message: A sci-fi/mystery short story. [WattPad]
Liberation Road: A mystery-horror novella. [WattPad]
Dead Frames: A mystery-horror novella. [WattPad]
Hazard Lights: A horror short story. [WattPad]
Beneath: A horror short story. [WattPad]
Shadows: A horror novella. [WattPad]



The DOOM Chronicles: A novelization of DOOM. In progress. [WattPad |]
State of Decay: A novelization of State of Decay. [WattPad |]
The Thing 2 - Infection: A novelization of the video game sequel to John Carpenter's The Thing. [WattPad |]
The Thing 3 - Assimilation: A sequel to the aforementioned novelization. [WattPad |]
Gone Home: A novelization of the game Gone Home. [WattPad |]


See You at the Bottom: A depressing Recess fan fiction. [WattPad |]
Gathering Darkness: A horror crossover of Halo and Slenderman. [WattPad |]


Living Dead: An older Halo zombie fan fiction. Technically a prequel to The Rookie Chronicles. []
The Rookie Chronicles: Another older fan fic. What began as a novelization of Halo 3: ODST became an epic-length story. []
Adrift: Another older Halo horror novella, set in between Rookie 1 & 2. []
The Rookie Chronicles 2 - Black Ops Rising: The final older fan fiction and last Rookie story. []